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Are you a scholar or student hoping to enliven your writing style, clarify your argument, or streamline the organization of your magnum opus? I can help!

As a passionate, lifelong reader and writer with a B.A. in English from Harvard, I am not your typical academic scribe. An anonymous manuscript reviewer of my (award-winning) first book, Nature and National Identity after Communism, described my prose as "alive, absolutely pellucid, and intelligent without being padded by jargon."

I love editing others’ work almost as much as I love writing. I have assisted writers of books, dissertations, articles/book chapters, and grant proposals, editing for content and structure as well as style.


As an interdisciplinary social scientist who has collaborated extensively with colleagues in the physical sciences and engineering, I have a special gift for making science writing accessible to a general audience. For a recent example, see The Coastal Everglades (Oxford, 2019), which presents the findings of a long-term, multidisciplinary ecological research program. As the co-lead author of Chapter 3: Water, Sustainability, and Survival, I edited and synthesized submissions from 13 contributing authors in hydrology, biology, earth sciences, and more.

Contact me if you're ready to take your writing to the next level!

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